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I'm Moving to a New Jekyll Theme

Recently, I have had some problem with catching up with the upstream of my Jekyll theme, which is Minimal Mistakes. I also feel like my blog focus too much on the author’s panel.

So, I’m moving my blog to Lanyon.

I remember spending the whole week on migrating my blogs from Tumblr to Jekyll. I didn’t use the code for importing Tumblr to Jekyll because it somehow messed up with my images and embedded video links. Therefore, I had to copy and paste every single post. But now, I have Jekyll; all my posts are written in Markdown. This is what I truly love in Jekyll. It is really “simple, static, [and] blog-aware.”

Now all I need to do are building and customizing my new theme. Then, I will copy and past - not every single post but the whole folder _posts into the new repository. DONE!

P/s: Sometimes, I will need to upload the new theme online to see what it actually does, which will lead to the offline status of this blog because I can use only one address (I will have to change one repository’s name to that address and change the other’s name to something else, such as It seems like I need to learn some CSS and HTML or do lots of research to customize my site. But it will work out for me.