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I'm Making Some Changes to the Blog

Welcome back! I am currently working on an update for my blog’s appearance and contents. There are a lot of things for me to work on, so I’ll try my best to keep my promise. Alright, here we go.


  1. Categories and Tags pages:
    I want to make the list of categories (as well as tags) to be alphabetical. The lists used to display categories and tags by created time, so it was hard for users to find a particular category or tag. I’ve fixed this issue, and now it’s way easier for me to find my favorite tag.

  2. Post’s metadata:
    Similarly to Categories and Tags pages, the post’s metadata used to be alphabetically mixed up. I’ve fixed this issue.

  3. YouTube’s embedded links:
    Instead of putting the link inside the thumbnail, I embedded a YouTube link directly on my blog posts. Try it out!

  4. Naming convention:
    I don’t want my blog post’s URL to contain %20 (which replaced space). Therefore, I’ve changed TI LaunchPad to TI-LaunchPad in Categories page.

  5. A Copy Code button for my code snippets:
    I’m not sure whether I can do that. I only know one or two things about HTML and barely know CSS. Maybe later. :D

  6. Elastic masthead:
    I really want to do this since my users could be those who use mobile devices. My masthead is currently not elastic for now. The pages quick-link will disappear if I shrink the window too much. I’ll get to this as soon as I can.

  7. Syntax highlighting for code snippet:
    They are messed up. The syntax is not highlighting correctly in some sections of my code. For instance, the color of #define is the same as the color of comments.


  1. Blog post’s content:
    There are so many posts, but at least I’m half-way done with this. I’m currently on lab 11 of UT.6.03x course. Revising the post helped me understand the content better. I also found that the posts when I first came to the United States and first started this hobby were so awkwardly written. Anyway, 17 more posts to go.

  2. About page and bio:
    This should have done since I started blogging, yet here we are. I’m working on it. Right now.

Since I’m working on blog post’s content right now, The Tag page will have mixed up tags.

So, that’s it. I’m promising some changes to my blog, and hopefully, I’ll be able to do it. I think I’ll be done around mid-July. Stay tuned!