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Welcome back! I’ve been offline since I don’t have a lot of time in college. However, I managed to work on my blog’s front-end, and now I’ve basically finished what I listed in the earlier post. Here’s what’s changed.

  1. About Page Is Now Up and Running

  2. Items in Category and Tag Pages Are Sorted
    The list of categories (as well as tags) is in alphabetical order. I also put each item into a shaded box and put some paddings around it, and it looks way better.

  3. A Better Looking Post’s Metadata
    Category and tag lists are sorted. The background and paddings of each item are also the same as those in Categories and Tags.

  4. YouTube Videos Are Now Embedded and Responsive
    I embedded a YouTube video in each of my posts. I also made the video thumbnail responsive (the width of the video automatically changes as the width of the browser changes, and the aspect ratio is always 16:9).

  5. Better Category and Tag Names
    I don’t want my blog post’s URL to contain %20 (which replaced space). For instance, I’ve changed TI LaunchPad to TI-LaunchPad in Categories page.

  6. Copy Code Button Is Now Available
    I made a copy code button for PC users who don’t want to waste time dragging and selecting my code. This was the most challenging task I had to do when I was improving the blog’s front-end. I had to write my own jQuery and design the copy code button myself. I did it!

  7. (Way) Better Syntax Highlighting
    I stopped using Pygments and started using Google Prettify. It’s great. The HTML structure generated by Prettify is also more organized. Pygments highlights code by chunks, whereas Prettify makes each line of code a <li> and then use the <span> tag to highlight items inside each list. I also get better line numbering and lighter CSS file.

  8. Posts Have Better Grammar