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My name is Phi Luu. I lived in southern Vietnam during the first 17 years of my life. From Summer 2015 to Summer 2017, I lived in Portland, Oregon. Now, I am a first-year student at Oregon State University and live in Corvallis, Oregon. I study Computer Science and Mathematics.

I describe myself as an introverted guy. I am neither too comfortable with socializing nor too anti-social. I have many hobbies, such as programming, building circuits, writing blogs, playing sports, gaming, etc.

I started to write this blog in Fall 2015 in order to learn how to express my thoughts. That was it. I did not care how my blog looked back then. I just wrote. However, as I wrote more and more blog posts, I eventually made this a hobby. My goals also began to change.

Now, I note my experience as I learn new things, do projects, or even make mistakes. Jotting down my thoughts helps me take a better look at the specific project or mistake, which helps me memorize things better. Plus, there are many people out there who might experience the same situations or make the same mistakes I did, so I hope they would find whatever they need here.

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