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I Test-Ran My Fidget Robot

I started making Fidget in July. After struggling with I2C communication between the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino UNO, I finally got it running last night.

The issue I encountered was that I couldn’t get the robot to run at all. The I2C communication kept getting choked, which caused the program to abort (Remote I/O error). I fixed this issue although it still kept coming up every time I smashed the keyboard. The current issue is that the robot doesn’t stop when I release my keystroke. It is probably because of my implementation of the Arduino sketch, so I’ll come back and fix it later.

After fixing all the issues (hopefully), I’ll make the circuit cleaner by replacing the breadboard with a proto-board. Oh, and I have to fix an issue with displaying multiple code blocks on my website, too. Until then, stay tuned and enjoy the test-run video: